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The world of crypto is ever changing. It’s like an ocean. Calm one day and stormy the other. It’s dangerous but also full of boon to be had. To navigate it takes a profound knowledge and significant investments of your time and effort.

Trading crypto remains quite profitable. Even in the sea of ‘Bearish Market’ a savvy captain can steer towards profit and make up to 10-15% a month. You just need to know the waters and hold the steering wheel 24/7 watching waves and candles.

However, you don’t need to be the one handling the steering wheel to own a ship that goes into the ocean and returns with cargo full of treasures from time to time. Instead, you can hire yourself a captain who will do it for you.

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If you are an experienced captain yourself but you need more lads on your crew, just write us about your feats and successful raids in the waters of Bitfinex and we will share your stories with prospective sailors.