Social Crypto Trading Platform

with risk management system.

What is CoinSharks?

It is the service where investors and traders make money.


Investors get profits by copying trades of professional traders.

Trades copying

CoinSharks monitors trades of a trader and immediately makes same trades on investor’s account.


Traders take commission from investors working with CoinSharks.

Risk Management

Risk Management System provides investors with a possible drawdown level control.

Invest and make money with CoinSharks

Choose the most appropriate scenario based on a trader’s strategy.
$ 10 000
Minimal risks
Investment period
3 months
Month Profit
1.3% per month
$ 5 000
High risks
Investment period
9 months
Month Profit
20.7% per month
$ 20 000
Medium risks
Investment period
12 months
Month Profit
9.4% per month
Examples of possible implementations.

The Risk Management System

The unique system for reducing investment losses risks.

Fixed profit. CoinSharks allows the investor to set the maximum profit value, then the platform suspends copying this trader’s trades for a certain period, allowing the trader to rest emotionally.

The Fixed Drawdown. CoinSharks allows investors to set daily limits for the possible level of a trader’s drawdown, thereby eliminating a possibility of full loss of deposit on exchange account.

If a trader starts making a unusual trades the Risk Management System can suspend the trader’s followers. All investors will be notified of this suspension.

CoinSharks allows you to set a percentage of the deposit for transactions and the number of simultaneously open positions. These restrictions make it possible to not affect a bulk of the investor’s finances in high-risk trades.

Choose a trader based on his statistics

Truly successful traders are ready to share their success with you.

How to join CoinSharks?

Make 4 simple steps:
Register and connect your exchange’s account to the system by specifying API keys.
Choose a trader and set a risk level.
Now the system copies all trader’s trades on your exchange account.
You take profits in your personal account, either CoinSharks or exchange.

Connected Exchanges

We work only with highly liquid exchanges.


How to register?

CoinSharks is a private club and can be accessed only by invite.

How to get an invite?

Periodically we give the invite codes to CoinSharks members and to our partners.

I do not have an exchange account.

Our experts will help you create an account on the exchange and connect it to the CoinSharks platform. After registration, please contact our support team.

How do I pay for the service?

Every month you take profits on your exchange account, at the same time you are billed in the amount of 50% of the earned amount, which must be paid within 3 days.

What guarantees do you give?

Trading on the stock exchange is a high-risk activity, and no one can give absolute guarantees, however our system can turn off the process of following the trader to avoid losing money.

What are the consequences of ignoring system bills?

You will be automatically disconnected from the trust management system until circumstances are clarified or a bill is paid.

Let’s start our cooperation today.

CoinSharks is a private club which can only be accessed by invite.